How do I know the Way

How Do I Know the Way?

You say I know the way to the place where you are.  But Lord, I do not know where you are going, So how will I know the way? 

Lord I cannot see it is very dark.  I do not understand how to find my way.  It seems very disheartening.

I am disillusioned and overwhelmed with desperation to find you.

I want to see the way .

I want to recognize the truth

I want to experience your life.

I am desperate to be familiar with you,

                          to feel at home with you,

                    to be unconstrained with you.

Lord response:

I come to you

I am with you now

I am in you, and you in me

The way to where I am is inside you.

Know that where I end and you begin is indefinable because we are one.

This is the way I have always wanted us to live.

I want you to know me and experience me.

Now my longing and passion has been fulfilled by the power of our father, as he has resurrected you with me.

Now you are where I am and that is found within you.

We are eternally intertwined and  never to be separated.

I am the way as you walk this life. You know the way by passing time with me

My life and peace I have given to you to know the way.

Where my life is, there will be peace.

Have faith IN me dear one,

If you will trust me, trust my spirit within you,

I will see that you get where I would have you to go:


I will see that you come to know all that is necessary

to realize the purposes Of our Father:


I will see that you do not collapse from pressures of this life but triumph:


Because I live, you live also.

John 14:4-6

You know the way to the place where I am going.  Thomas said to Him, Lord, We do not know where you are going? So how can we know the way? Jesus answered. I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my father as well. From now on you do know him and you have seen him.

I found these verses to be very comforting. Sometimes it can seem like the way to go is unknown and out of reach. I like the question Thomas poses to Christ. His question expresses his desperation to be with Christ where ever he is going.  He is also bewildered to hear Christ say, you already know the way. He is not really sure that is true, sticking to his doubting nature. But Thomas has spent much time with this MAN.  Thomas was still thinking of a physical locality but the Lord was trying to show him something more. Christ was showing him the Way is a person. Since you know me, you know the way and since you know me, you know the truth and since you know me, you know the life. The way, truth and life are just synonyms of Christ. You come to know the way, the truth, the life by passing time with him. Walking and talking to him. Christ is IN you. The Way, the TRUTH, the LIFE is IN you. Not only that, there is no other place he would rather be.

I use to see Christ and myself as two separate people walking side by side. Just like he did in the days of  disciples.  When we walked and talked he was right next to me. Then I came to realize the I was literally IN Christ himself.  Then the picture I had was like a person within a person. As if you just place me inside of HIM.  I could see where I ended and he started.  But now I have came to realize how one He has made all of us. Where He ends and we begin is indefinable. The lines are blurred in a since, if there are any lines at all.  Coming to understand this, only a tiny bit more, has come from spending time with Christ who is within me and within my brothers and sisters.  I am sure what Thomas came to realize as well was that Christ was going to literally be inside of his body forever fellowshiping with Thomas, as he had always done when HE was in fleshly form. I am glad Thomas asked the question just so we could hear Christ’s comforting answer.  Since you know me, you know the way, truth and the life.

Christ is my Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Exodus 14:13 “Stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah, which HE will work for you”

I had been thinking about being in a spot where you accepted by faith several things. I know no picture is complete when it comes to Christ but this what I have share:)

One, I died with Christ and was raised IN Christ, and that I am no longer living but it is Christ. Paul came to understand that the life we live is the life of Christ alone, when he said “It is no longer I that lives, but Christ Gal2:20. This is not for some time in the future, or when “I get it right” or just for Paul. It is now and for us. It is our reality now and forever. We are not to regard anyone in the flesh not even ourselves. We can stop struggling to “be good” and accept that we are already dead and rest. 

Second, I can trust that Christ through the Holy Spirit to do in me what I cannot do myself. I am completely dependent upon Christ to walk out this life on earth. Accepting that I can do nothing apart from Christ. So everything I have done and can still do apart from Christ in my own strength is NOTHING. Each time I am faced with a new demand from the Lord, I look to Christ to do what is needed. This makes that verse “I can do ALL things IN Him that strengthens me”Phil 4:13, so much more sweeter.

I can, if I choose to yield to theses truths by faith, these realities, live in a state of constant rest.  I do not have to yo-yo back and forth between is it possible or not to have true rest and peace in this life.  A constant state of internal rest can be mine regardless of what external things that are happening. 

It is NOT a Trying but a Trusting and not Struggling but a Resting.  That spot where the life of Christ comes forth and can be seen in its fullest. It all comes about by resting and not wavering from,but a standing, IN TRUTH.

With all this in mind a word came to my head-SWEET SPOT. I did not know at first the definition of this word.  So this is what I gathered from WIKI:)  But it was exactly what I was thinking in regards to all this.

From Wikipedia:

A sweet spot is a place where a combination of factors(truths listed above) results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort(none on our part). In tennis, baseball, or cricket, a given swing will result in a more powerful hit(expression of Christ life) if the ball strikes the racquet or bat on the latter’s sweet spot.

When hitting a baseball with a bat, there is a location along the bat where this force is completely balanced out by turning force of the bat. If the ball is hit closer to the end of the bat, the grip of the bat will try to rotate forward out of the batter’s hands, whereas if the ball hits it closer to the handle, the bat’s tip will try to rotate forward and drive the bat into the batter’s hands. There is a small “sweet spot” where these two tendencies cancel out. The “sweet spot” location on a given baseball bat varies however it is approximately 6.5 inches (17 cm) from the end of the barrel.

When we allow the Lord to swing(with His strength not ours) the bat(us) you will see the true reality of the flesh being dead and our natural effort cancel itself out, so that all that is seen is His life expressed at it’s fullest.

There is a sweet spot for hearing too-

The sweet spot is a term used  by audiophiles and recording engineers to describe the focal point between two speakers, where an individual is fully capable of hearing the stereo audio mix(Christ) the way it was intended to be heard by the mixer (which is Christ)  

Sound engineers also refer to the “sweet spot” of any noise-producing body that may be captured with a microphone. Every individual instrument has its own sweet spot, the perfect location to place the microphone or microphones, in order to obtain the best sound.

We have been placed in the Sweetest spot,the perfect spot, which is in Christ to hear Him and express his life when we accept by faith our true reality is found in how HE sees us and He can do all things.

Psalm 125 “Those who trust in the Lord will be like Mount Zion(Christ) which will never be shaken”  

So it is possible to have a constant state of rest and not to be shaken by whatever may come our way. My prayer is to know this rest more in all it’s richness, Lord. Thank you for your rest.

What I’ve Learned in Organic Church Part 8:Christ

Here it is Part 8 in the series on what I’ve learned in Organic Church.  This one is written by novelist and dear brother R.C. Babione and it is called Christ.  You will be richly blessed with Christ by this post as well as the others in the series. If you are new or need to catch up to the series take some time to read the earlier posts.  Thanks to all who have followed this series it has been an encouragement with all the posts and comments.


What I’ve Learned in Organic Church Part 7:Christ is My Source of Worth

I have learned to accept Christ as my worth because He is worthy.   It has taken me 37 years to get to this point.  Talk about long suffering, thank you Lord for your patience.  This is actually very new thing that has moved from my head (knowing) to my heart(experientially).  It is very raw in its form, fresh off the wine press.  So please bear with me as you read.  I just felt pressed to share it with you.  It may not be polished.  So I hope you can see Christ and not the unrefined writer.

I feel like the woman at the well telling everyone about who she met and what the Lord did for her.  I also know that she did not know all the implications of that freedom she was given and neither do I but I am free!! I am not afraid anymore. The shame and guilt and anxiety are gone!! I am free to be all that I was created to be in Christ.  I can be vulnerable and real because my source of worth comes from Christ.

This was possible because my brothers and sisters chose to see me as new man/new creation in Christ.  They all ministered Christ’s life to me through community life we have together.  They gave me the freedom that I needed to work things out with the Lord.  It was a safe place for me to allow my facade to fall away as be seen as less than perfect but completely loved anyways. Now that is CHRIST.

We are bombarded daily by messages real or perceived that we are not worthy or not good enough. We are not worthy of our spouse, our jobs, to be a parent or anything that people might need us to be.  We never measure up. A lot of my struggle was in my mind hearing  a voice saying you are worthy and the other voice saying there is no way you could ever be good enough. We grasp at anything that will take away that pain.  I am not sure about you but I tried to avoid any situation that would further reinforce that since of unworthiness.  Even if it meant I missed out on the good stuff too like the body of Christ.    We cannot accept the riches of Christ like His righteousness, sanctification, or holiness if we do not feel we are worthy of them in the first place.  I cannot accept that I am seated in the Heavenlies with Christ if I feel I am not good enough. We are worthy because Christ is worthy not because of us and that is freeing.  My worthiness does not depend on me, YEAH!!   I know this could appear elementary but it is very real for me now.   I can lay hold of all that He has for me now.

This sense of unworthiness is, I believe, one of the effects of the fall.  We have been fed a lie that you are not good enough.  The cycle of sin and the guilt and shame that ensue feeds that sense of unworthiness or not feeling like we are enough.  Christ came to show us our sense of worth not to condemn us.  When we give Christ to one another we send the message that you are worthy.

When the Lord of all creation pierced space and time that sent the message-you are worth it.(no hierarchy)

When the Lord of all creation ate and spent time with the least of these that sent the message you are worth it.(community life/ sharing His life)

When the Lord of all creation met the woman at the well He shared his life with her. He gave her the gift of seeing her already perfected state. This sent the message you are worth it.(seeing a person as a new man/new creation)

When Christ said he came to save the world and not to condemn it, that sent the message that you are worth it.

I know the most obvious of examples is of Christ enduring the cross. This sent the message that this fallen world was, is and will always be worth EVERY drop of blood that was shed. (laying down our lives for our brothers and sisters)

Every time you take the time to open your mouth and encourage or remind someone who they are in Christ, you are sending the message that they are worth it.

Coming into an expression like this is not magical or mystical.  It is not because of the expression itself but because of Christ being in each of my brothers and sisters that I could come to the reality that  Christ is my worthiness.  Christ offers the same life that he gave so freely to anyone while he was here,  he gave to me through my brothers and sisters. They gave me the gift of seeing me in my already perfected state as a Holy one, a saint, a child of God, righteous and seated with Christ in the Heavenlies.  Even though It was difficult for me to accept and receive.

We send HIS message to the world that you are worth it when we choose to see people in their already perfected state. This is how Christ sees everyone who is of Him.  Doing this allows them to see Christ as their source and not to identify with their struggles or shortcomings.  Letting the person go through the struggle and just sharing Christ with them- now that is true freedom. Not telling them what they need to fix about themselves or their situation.  Besides Christ is all we have to offer anyways because CHRIST is the only solution to anything we face.

We also share the common life of Christ that is seen in community life. The Father and his Son are always together and life is always passing back and forth between them.   That is no different when we are with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  That life, the very life of Christ passes back and forth without any effort.  That is the nature of Christ’s life that is all it knows-it flows freely in and among us.  This sends the message-you are worth it.  You are worth sharing in my Life.   Spending time with someone which is community life, seeing them as Christ sees them sends HIS message you are worth it.  This is what was offered to me. I was always encouraged to turn back to Christ. My brothers and sisters did not try to fix me they were just with me through it and offered me HIS life not their own.

If I have to spend the rest of my life sending the message that you are worth it, I will.  So you can accept all that Christ has to offer which is His love, righteousness, holiness, royalty, and a son of God because ALL of who Christ is we are too because we are in HIM.  We have a world dying to know that they are accepted and worth every drop of His blood and all the riches that come along with that blood.  They can enjoy all those riches now they do not have to wait til they “get to heaven.”

The Lord has been working with me to show me how worthy I am but this video and post was the nudge I needed to fall deeply into the reality that Christ is my source of worth.   It helps to watch the video first then read the post.  This is very rich with the life of Christ.  I hope it can nudge you a little further too:) Community life in the body of Christ: Viewing shame, vulnerability, and worthiness in light of Him

I have also posted a list of who we are because of Christ. It is not an exhaustive list just a good start. I encourage you to take some time to read the list.  If you add to the list let me know.  I would love to know what you find.  There is always more of Christ to be had.

Who You Are?

Outside of time all things are complete.  We choose now to live in that reality. To walk in both realms of heaven and earth.

Chosen by God, in Christ, before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4)


A holy nation 1 Pe 2:9
Abraham’s seed Gal 3:29

Brothers and sisters of Jesus Heb 2:11

Bride/ the Lambs wife  Rel 21:9

Children of God Ro 8:16

Citizens of Heaven Phil 3:20
Chosen people 1 Pe 2:9

Church of the Firstborn Heb 12:23
Elect Eph 1:4: Col 3:12
Fellow citizens Eph 2:19
God’s temple 1cor 3:16-17
Heirs according to the hope of eternal life Tit 3:7
Heirs of God Ro 8:17
Heirs of salvation Heb 1:14
Heirs of the kingdom Jas 2:5

His workmanship Eph 2:10
Holy priesthood 1 Pe 2:5

Holy Nation 1Pe 2:9

Joint-heirs with Christ Ro 8:17
Lights in the world Phil 2:15
Lively Stones 1 Pe 2:5
Members of Christ 1 Cor 11:26; Eph 5:30
New creatures 2 Cor 5:7
Newborn Babes 1 Pe 2:2
Obedient Children 1 Pe 1:14

Partakers of Christ’s sufferings 1 Pe 4:13
Partakers of one bread 1 Cor 10:17
Partakers of the divine nature 2 Pe 1:4
Partakers of the heavenly calling Heb 3:1
Partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light Col 1:12
Priests Heb 10:19-22; 1 Peter 2:5-9
Royal priesthood 1 Pe 2:9

Sanctified in Christ Jesus  1Corth 1:2 and 6:11, Acts 20:32,
Saints Ro 1:7,Eph 1:1,Col 1:2,
Servant of the Lord 2 Tim 2:24
Servants of righteousness Ro 6:18
Sons of God Ro 8:14
Strangers and pilgrims 1 Pe 2:11
The people of God 1 Pe 2:10
The righteous Ro 5:19

They that are after the Spirit Ro 8:5
Vessel unto honor 2 Tim 2:19
Vessels of gold and silver 2 Tim 2:20

God’s fellow workers/field/building 1corth 3:9

Blessed with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Eph 1:3

Here is a list of reminders for yourself and others who they are in Christ.